2018-2019 Journeys

Please note that if the date is already indicated, It means hat I am either following a race a rally schedule. If no date it is indicated I am simply trying to schedule it according to the wishes of the group of riders interested


Saturday May 18 - Friday May 31, 2019 


Isle of Man (tourist trophy) including england, wales, scottland & Ireland. 

this journey will depart from Paris,   visit the Mont Saint Michel and WWII "D Day" sites,  From there we will hop on the ferry from Brittany to England,  From here we will figure it out.  I do want to chill in London for a day. Visit Warwick Castle,  Wales. then  we will hop on a ferry to the Isle of Man. Ride the course on Friday the 24th.  Watch qualifying rounds on Saturday.  Depart Sunday for Dublin, Ireland to avoid the crowds. Continue to The Cliffs of Moor and The Giants Causeway, then ferry from Belfast To Scotland.  Spend the night in NewcastleIn return to Paris via the Euro-tunnel.  More details to be revealed from the road.


Saturday September 15 - Friday September 28, 2019

Corsicana via the French Riviera, The Amalfi coast, Italy; Pompeii, Italy; Calabria, Italy; Sicily, Italy. 14 days

This trip will start in Cannes, France (Home of the film festival).  We will journey through the entire western coast of Italy, down to Sicily, And then through  a network of ferries. We will go to Corsica And then back again into Our starting point.   This is the heartbeat of Europe Mid September 2019 after the tourists are gone.  

Saturday July 13 - Friday July 26, 2019

Sturgis via Yellowstone, glacier national Park Return to Seattle via Banff & Sea to Sky Highway. 14 days              

As snow often looms over these national parks This trip to be taken in the middle of summer.  Beware Temperatures will be in the hundreds almost everyday, But  the area In full summer  is  home of some of the prettiest, largest Geisers & Hot Springs In the world,  amazing wildlife, country cooking, fabulous roads, Canadians.