alpine trip Sept. 17-24 2018

ALPINE TRIP 9/17-9/24 /2018 Have you ever wondered what it was like riding through the Alps in September? This is one of the most picturesque and invigorating rides available. After a long day of riding, thermal baths await nestled high in the snow capped Alps. Your day will be topped off with our nightly group reunion. Here we chat about the days past and the days to come in the traditional local bars & restaurants .Nightly accommodations will depend on the group, but generally speaking I like to camp, stay in four star hotels, old castles, family owned inns. There is only room for eight riders, so please reserve your spot ASAP?

My name is Marc Kerbis. I live in Seattle please call me at: 1.206.915.4016

Check out my Facebook Page:
World Adventure Motorcycle Rides .All experienced riders are welcome

Lago Como, italia

Lago Como, italia

Must Haves

  1. At the very least a conversation with me to discuss some details, to make sure we are compatible,as well as to find out what you would like to get out of this adventure.
  2. Passport
  3. Visa (not needed for us citizens)
  4. A valid US or foreign license
  5. Cash/Credit totaling  a minimum of $3,500 should be plenty to cover the basics.
  6. An unlocked/world smart phone (most phones are that way now but check with your local carrier)
  7. Upon your your arrival google search for the local carrier (France=Orange) and go get a sim(puce) card with about $100 worth of time on it this will allow you and I to communicate without having to go through the US carriers .
  8. Download Waze onto your phone.  No GPS needded.
  9. Helmets and gloves are the law in Europe.
  10. A paid reservation for a motorcycle  of your choice in your arrival city (preferably Marseilles, Paris, Frankfort)
  11. A $500 deposit to reserve your Spot and another $600 at the beginning of the trip in france.
  12. Bathing Suit though not always needed.


September alpine adventure Q & A

September 17-24 2018

Duration 7 days

Location: the Alps

Departure location: Cotignac var France

Return location: Chamonix France . Of course those interested will be welcome to return to my little village of Cotignac

Mountain Passes: la Bonnette, dello Stelvio, grand St. Bernard , Rombo, so many others it is hard to name them all

Nightly accommodations: To be determined at dinner the night before just to keep the adventure alive.

Expectations: I expect all applicants to be in good health, to have good long experience riding motorcycles as this will challenge the best of riders including myself. I expect to ride approximately 250 to 350 km a day starting at around 9 AM and ending around 330 to 4:30 PM at which time we will be able to relax and enjoy the more relaxing attributes like the food, the many thermal bathes, the Serenity of Alps and the rich diverse cultures.
Prior to departure: We will discuss some basics about riding in Europe and in groups in order to be on the same page. I encourage everyone to ride in small groups of 2-3 bikes.

Gear Requirement: Helmets, Boots, Gloves, Riding Pants , Riding jacket. PLEASE!

Navigation System: I use Waze and Co-pilot. Nothing fancy is required especially there is nothing better at beating local speed traps then Waze

Comm Stuff: I Like Sena

Climate: The south of France is a very dry place and temperatures could be in the hundreds, but in the Alps weather can change rapidly and temperatures can drop rapidly and snow could occur at any time. So plan on Having the ability to wear several layers and warm gloves as well. I wear a merino wool sweater and merino wool boxer briefs (thin) kinda speedy but it’s anti bacterial and super comfortable. Heated vest is a great option as well.

Trip format: Freeform partially guided Adventure. Everyday will be a whole new adventure. Every night around the diner table I will tell you where we are going to go the following day. Sometimes many routes will be available and you'll be free to follow your own adventure. I only expect 3 things a. We all meet and discuss our daily adventure over drinks or diner(my way of making sure everyone is ok) b. Please call me if you run into any issue I will do all I can to make sure you have a fantastic adventure. c. Treat everyone with respect and kindness especially on the Roads.

Documents: a passport and a valid license (motorcycle endorsement). International license is not needed.

Languages: while my English is good my French is better and I pass for a Frenchman in France . After a few drinks my Spanish comes alive. So you’ll be in good hands.

Cost: my fee is $1,100 US. Payable $500 to reserve your spot (via PayPal) the remainder when we meet in France payable in cash $ or Euros, via PayPal, or in Cryptocurrency at the market rate.

Cost does not include lodging, food, drinks, motorcycle rental, extras like thermal baths, bail(kidding) moto or medical insurance, airfare or any other transportation. Nor gratuities to me or anyone else.

Shipping bike will cost you about $2,000 each way via air Canada (the only airline that will ship your bike)

Motorcycle rental: any major city Paris, Marseille, Nice, Frankfort have rentals just do a google search for motorcycle rental for the city you wish to fly into. If you would like me to call I will be happy to help in any way possible