Backfire Rally Encounter

 So last Wednesday, at the backfire meeting in Seattle,  as i was kicking tires, drinking a beer, and grubbing on some messy BBQ with a friend.  I met a 35 something guy by the name of Mic (false name) from Australia.  He was sitting alone at a table so we joined him and introduced ourselves.  While making conversation he told us that he had recently dumped his girl, sold some assets, quit his job, come to the USA, bought a klr650, and was planning a trip from Seattle down to south America for the next couple of years.  Wow Right?

in our short discussion I let him know that i was just ramping up a motorcycle adventure business to take small groups to places worldwide.  See website:  I invited my new friend on a short but somewhat difficult 4day, 800mile journey to Naksup hot springs starting the following morning.  My friend and i had bets on wether or not he would show up.  I lost,  he showed.   The next morning I received a text after my meeting for the global entry program, from Mic confirming he would meet me in Blaine, WA.  We met according to the plan at Big Als for breakfast then took off and this adventure began.

Adventures are always made up of many trials and tribulations and this one was no exceptions.  the first night we got kicked out of a campground because Canadians dont allow folks to camp on anything but the provided gravel pads and i had my hammock, and Mic his tent plopped in a beautiful forested cliff edge, overlooking a raging river near Pemberton, Canada.  Turns out this rule only applies to Provincial parks .  After a few laughs at the expense of the camp host/park ranger we moved on to the Pemberton hotel.   A cool spot with a great pub below.  Up to this point Mic had done great though a bit of a slow poke, but to be fair i have been riding for thirty years on some of the most extreme roads the planet offers.  Mic only had a 1,000 mile to his name .

On the second day, after fueling up and within five minutes of our departure my buddy misses a turn and sideswipes an on coming car,  lucky for him it was a near miss not a head on collision.  I around saw this in my rear view turned  and the kid had saved his butt,  the bike and was exchanging the required paperwork with this amiable Canadian soccer mom equivalent.

"Holy crap on a cracker" he is ok a little shaken,  and we got back to our business at hand.  The next four hours went super slow.  Undoubtedly,  Mic was dealing with some shock and he was working it out just fine.   After a little coaching a some self analysis he picked up the pace.  unfortunately for us the riding was seriously slowed down by forest fire pollution.  It was bearable until we departed the rally on Sunday.  By the time we re-entered the US North of Republic, WA we were in the thick of it.  We both had tearing eyes, headaches, tingling fingers.  Mic decided he could do better if he stopped and waited it out,  i decided to go on as i knew there would be no reprise until i got home.  I had shared my post apocalyptic knowledge but sometimes you have to find out for yourself.  We both made it back safe and sound on the same day as he realized there was nowhere to hide from the brown cloud.  

I hope you ha a fun adventure Mic.  Despite the smoke i had a good time.  i hope, Mic, this will be a good experience for you to go off on your own.  Keep the rubber side down. 

marc kerbis